What Exactly Do Staffing Companies Do?

Many organizations think Chicago staffing agencies only help in recruitment for entry-level positions. However, if you take a closer look at the recruitment industry, you would see these twenty-first-century recruitment partners do more than fill entry-level positions. Here are some facts that tell you exactly what these staffing companies do.

Staffing Companies Recruit for Different Industry Verticals and Diverse Positions

Some staffing companies specialize in recruiting for specific industry verticals like manufacturing, pharmaceutical, hospitality, financial services, marketing, and many more. These staffing agencies have relevant information on fingertips and can give you an insight of available talent and how to reach them.

Their extended reach allows you to reach passive candidates who have more updated skill sets. Recruiting agencies are also known to maintain databases of ready-for-job candidates with different skill sets. This enables them to provide perfect matching candidates to their clients in less time even for hard-to-fill positions.

Staffing Companies Reduce the Risk of Bad Hires

According to US Department of Labor findings, the cost of a bad hire is around 30% of an employee’s first-year earnings. While the monetary losses are countable, one bad hire can affect the performance of the whole team. According to leading hiring experts, when a bad hire does not perform, good employees have to bear the workload.

The shorter hiring process is one of the common reasons for bad hires. In-house recruiters are always running out of time and under pressure from hiring managers to fill positions fast. As a result, in-house recruiters do not give enough time to conduct foolproof skill tests to judge the right candidates.

Working with a recruitment agency reduces the risk of bad hires as professional recruiters interview candidates rigorously before referring to their client. Their in-depth industry knowledge and experience enables them to analyze candidate in detail. They do not stop at the information given in the resume and conduct background and reference checks to verify information provided by candidates.

Recruiting agencies go an extra mile to ensure every candidate is a perfect fit and exceed client expectations. Leading recruitment agencies also offer a trial period for new hires so the client gets enough time to judge the candidate before offering a permanent position. Thus you can see a recruitment agency does everything to reduce the risk of bad hires for their clients.

Staffing Companies Help Reduce Hiring Costs

Several companies avoid using recruitment agencies thinking they are already saving money. But that is far from true and these businesses do not consider the resources and time they put into recruiting. They also underestimate other recruiting expenses like job advertisements, the sheer workload of in-house recruiters which leads to overtime expenses, and costs related to background and criminal checks.

When you work with staffing companies in Chicago or elsewhere, they absorb some of the recruitment costs like the background and reference checks. The recruitment agencies manage all recruitment tasks from the initial stage and the client is neither requires to invest in infrastructure nor recruit temp employees for conducting hiring.

Staffing Companies Help Strengthen Employer Brand

Today’s job market is candidate oriented. The top quality candidates are flooded with job offers and they look at many factors when considering a job offer. One of the factors they look at is employer brand. Job seekers look for more than salary packages and having a strong employer brand can help you win potential candidates.

Having a brand ambassador outside your company can help or the recruitment agency can act like one. Recruiting agencies can help in building strong employer brand. They can work with company’s hiring manager to draft attractive and accurate job descriptions and provide right candidate experience during the hiring process. All this helps in creating a good image of the company.

These are some of the things staffing companies in Chicago do for their clients. Looking at the services recruitment agencies offer, there is no doubt your company might be able to beat your competitors and get the best talent by partnering with staffing companies.

Do you use staffing agencies to fill vacancies in your company? Please share your experience.

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