The Truth About Job Recruiting Agencies

The recruitment market is competitive and success does not come easy. There are a lot of myths about recruiting agencies NYC and elsewhere and the way they serve their clients. Let’s take a closer look at the recruiting agencies, their functions and the truth behind myths.

Myth 1- Recruiting Agencies Are Only Good at Filling Entry Level Positions

Truth – Recruiting Agencies Hire for All Types of Positions

There is a belief that recruiting agencies are only good at filling entry level positions. The truth is the 21st-century staffing agencies hire for a variety of professional positions across diverse industry verticals. In fact, many organizations turn towards staffing agencies to find the talent for hard-to-fill positions.

Whether you are looking for C-suite executives, financial managers, engineers, marketing professionals, or sales managers, recruiting agencies can help you find potential candidates. In fact, many recruiting agencies maintain vast talent pools that have ready-for-job candidates with different experience levels and they can get mid-level executives and senior-level executives for their clients.

Myth 2 –Recruiting Agencies Are Expensive

Truth – Recruiting Agencies Help Save Money

There is no standard recruiting fee followed in the recruitment industry for the services provided. Some recruiting agencies charge higher fees for their services while some charge less. It all depends on the price agreement between a recruiting agency and client. The absence of price standardization does not mean using recruiting agency is not a viable option.

Many companies who consider recruiting agencies expensive only look at half the picture. These companies completely overlook the hidden expenses related to using in-house recruiters. Some of the expenses not considered when recruiting in-house are advertising fees, any costs related to in-house recruiters, overtime paid to in-house recruiters and other staff during recruitment, costs related to background, reference, and criminal checks.

Recruiting agencies conduct background, reference, and criminal checks before referring candidates to their clients. This reduces some financial burden for their clients. Also, recruiting agencies are known to charge for the number of employees hired and not for the number of interviews conducted or other recruitment activities performed.

Thus, if you consider costs of in-house hiring versus commissions or fee paid to recruiting agencies, it would not be wrong to say recruiting agencies help the organization save money in the hiring process.

Myth 3 – Recruiting Agencies Are Only Interested in Filling Positions and Earning Commissions

Truth – Recruiting Agencies Work Hard to Find the Right Fit

When you rely on in-house recruiters, your reach is only limited to candidates who are actively looking for jobs. In-house recruiters who might be hiring few times in a year might not have a deeper network to get the best talent available.

Recruiting agencies main job is to hire candidates and they do it every day of the year. They have a deep knowledge about the job market and the talent availability as they are always hiring and keeping updates about changing job market. Since there is intense competition in the recruiting industry they go the extra mile to find perfect candidates to keep their clients happy.

Passive candidates are more desirable for organizations as they have updated knowledge of their field as they are already working which might not be true with candidates who have been jobless for months. Leading recruiting agencies build a strong relationship with top talent and keep in touch with them even after they are placed in a company.

To get top talent for their clients, they can reach passive candidates and communicate your company’s job offer to them. Acting as your brand ambassador they can present the best side of your company that can entice passive candidates to consider your job offer.

Several leading recruiting agencies also offer a money back guarantee for the candidates placed by them. If the new recruit leaves the job within the agreed period, the recruiting agency gives back the full amount it received as commission for placing the candidate in their company or provides a replacement. This show how baseless is the misunderstanding that recruiting agencies are only interested in filling positions and earning commissions.

It’s easy to have misunderstandings about recruiting agencies in NYC or elsewhere since you have never worked with them. Now, that you know the truth, go ahead and work with recruiting agencies to find the best talent your company needs.

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