How a Recruitment Agency Works

Market Research

The necessity of market research has increased significantly for staffing companies in order to keep them up-to-date with the changing market trend. For recruiters or talent acquisition groups familiarity with the underlying job market problems, analysis of industry trends, job market statistics, tracking the supply and demand ratio of professionals in various niches, compensation analysis and lots more market studies boost their efficiency to work with top employers, advice them on different aspects and offering their clients with consistent services. In fact, market research is a continual process and in-house activity of staffing companies, which is performed throughout the year.

Managing Database

Since staffing companies work as an intermediary among employers and job pursuing candidates or professionals looking for change/ better chances, maintaining their database with all information details is one of their key functions. Further, Outfitted with in-house staffs, they keep track of different online job portals, social media sites to get locate top market talents and prospective candidates to call for interviews for their client companies. Maintaining database also helps them in supplying human resource as per necessity of their employers.

Staffing Services

  • Top executive assignments

Not all staffing companies offer company executive placement services. Typically, this is a very high-level complex job and needs special kind of expertise, top market reach and update with corporate world management affairs. This specialized area of services takes care of placement for key management people like for MDs, CEOs, President apart from GM rank people, or other higher management positions.

  • Personnel placement services

Almost all staffing companies are prepared to offer across-the-board staffing solutions from IT professionals to Accounts people, Software developers to Web designers and Marketing people to Administrative staffs

  • Temporary staffing services

Staffing companies work on temp staffing solutions, which is demanding service to IT firms, project management groups, construction industry and more.

Screening Candidates

Candidate screening is a huge process that include

  • Preparation of suitable candidate’s list as per job requirements;
  • Telephonic interview;
  • Convening personal interview;
  • Written test (depends on requirement)
  • Background check;

Out of final short listed candidates, three to four top chosen candidates are sent to client’s office for final selection

Wage Sharing

Many times, for temporary employment positions and temporary-to-permanent job opportunities workers are paid through staffing agencies by the principal company until they are absorbed as permanent staffs. The process neither obligates staffing company or the parent company to offer benefits or special parks offered to regular staffs.

Advisory Services

Consultancy is one of the major roles played by high profile staffing companies. Both job seekers and employers prefer obtaining advisory services on different aspects from their staffing partners.

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