Five Myths About Working with Permanent Staffing Agencies

According to a Frontline group survey, around 90% of companies use permanent staffing solutions to fulfill their staffing needs. Despite this a large number of companies prefer going solo in recruitment drives due to prevalent myths about staffing agencies.

Here are the top 5 myths about permanent staffing agencies and the facts that shatter these myths completely.

1. Companies Will Lose Money by Working with Staffing Agencies

While these may seem true with some recruitment agencies, there are several staffing agencies that actually reduce hiring costs and help your company save money. There are several hiring costs that include hiring temporary staff to deal with workload, background and reference checks that cost a significant amount of money.

Leading recruitment agencies absorb some of the recruitment costs. These agencies shoulder the responsibility of all major recruitment tasks that includes advertising job positions, scanning and shortlisting resumes, conducting background and reference checks. This translates into savings for your company.

2. Staffing Agencies Are Only Good When Hiring for Entry Level Positions

There are many recruitment agencies that only hire for entry-level positions while some specialist recruitment agency are adept at filling management positions, hard-to-fill roles, and C-suite executives. In fact, there are many recruitment agencies that are expert in recruiting for specific industry domains.

There are specialist recruitment agencies hiring for marketing, design, web development, health-care sector, manufacturing companies, hospitality industry and other industry verticals. You can also find recruitment agencies that specialize in supplying admin staff or supply experts in fields of finance, information technology, sales, and marketing.

3. Staffing Agencies Do Not Care About My Hiring Goals

It is prudent that every company wants the potential hires to have the requisite skills to be successful on the job. Also, the companies also want the new recruits to be congruent with organizational beliefs and culture and goals.

Leading permanent staffing companies understand the importance of cultural fit for the organization. These agencies help the applicants understand the dynamics of the job and assess the candidate for job suitability at early stages of interviews.

Recruiting agencies are known to use advanced tools that prompt job seekers to answer questions about their ideal work environment and screen out incompatible candidates. A right recruitment agency would give equal importance to your company’s hiring goals besides skills and experience.

4. Recruiting Firms Can’t Find Me Top Talent

Today, a large number of active applicants or job searchers are registered with one or more recruitment agencies. Recruiting agencies are known to maintain talent pools which are databases having information about potential candidates. When you work with a recruitment agency, you get easy access to talent pools that also has top talent.

Do you know passive candidates are mostly preferred by organizations? However, passive candidates are not easily reachable as they are not actively looking for jobs hence they might not be visiting online job boards and may not know about a job opportunity.

It is almost impossible for internal recruiters to reach passive candidates. Leading recruitment agencies reach passive candidates through their extended network and can engage them and convince them to consider job opportunity in your company. Thus, the myth that recruiting agencies does not recruit top talent is completely busted.

5. Recruitment Agencies Are Only Concerned About Candidate’s Satisfaction and Personal Growth

It is true recruitment agencies are concerned about candidate’s job satisfaction and personal growth but that does not mean they overlook client’s requirements or hiring objectives. In fact, recruiting agencies work as a mediator between the organizations who want to hire employees and candidates actively seeking jobs.

The main motive of the recruitment agency is to source the best candidates for the mandate given by their clients. In addition, leading recruitment agencies also offer money back and guarantees to clients for the new recruits. If the new recruit leaves the organization before the negotiated period, the recruitment agency returns the complete amount back to the organization or offers a free replacement candidate.

You can see the myths about the recruitment agencies are not true and working with a recruiting agency is beneficial for the organization. The ever-changing job market and talent shortage make permanent staffing solutions a necessity to attract the right kind of talent.

Do you know any other myth about working with permanent staffing agencies?

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