Hire the Best Recruiting Firm to Find Competent Employees

Working with the best recruiting firm can help you save time and also reduce the chances of a bad hire. However, not every recruitment agency is the same.

You need to select the best staffing agency but how do you hire the right staffing agency for your organization? Here are some important factors that you need to pay attention to while hiring a recruitment agency.


Generalist recruiters are often the largest recruiters as they hire for all kinds of jobs and cover a wide range of job functions and industry verticals. However, if you are looking to fill positions that require specific skills particular to your industry, you need to look for a specialist recruiter hiring for your industry.

The specialist recruiter would have in-depth knowledge of different job functions and a better understanding of the skills required for such positions. The result is you will get more suitable candidates with relevant skills and experience.

Hiring Strategies

Ask the recruitment agency about their hiring strategies before partnering with them. The best recruiting firms in San Francisco use candidate verification and pre-screening tests to ensure the candidates have the skills mentioned in their CVs. Leading recruitment agencies in San Francisco also conduct background and criminal checks prior referring candidates to their clients to reduce the chances of bad hires.

The right recruitment agency would not only discuss their hiring strategies but also give you insights on how they will work to recruit great candidates. If you feel the hiring strategies are not standard or do not meet your expectations, it’s time to move on to next recruitment agency.

Reputation is Important

Like any other business, the reputation of the agency in recruitment sector is important.  It is easy for the staffing agency to boast about its expertise and recruitment performance but what their clients feel or say might be entirely different.

The best way to judge the recruitment agency’s reputation is by looking at its client base. A recruitment agency which has a list of long-standing clients speaks about its performance whereas a recruitment agency with only a long list of clients with none returning to use their services could be a red flag. Hence you need to give importance to the reputation of the staffing agency while taking the decision.

The Talent Database

The generalist recruiter is likely to have a larger talent pool, but many candidates might not have the skills you are looking for thus taking away the advantage. In such a case, you would be only wasting time interviewing unsuitable candidates referred by generalist recruiter.

On the other hand, the specialist recruiter which only deals in your industry vertical would have candidates with relevant skills and experience in their talent pools thus making it easy to hire the right candidate.

Having a strong talent pool is not enough, you need to ask the recruitment agency about the process they follow to shortlist the candidates. You need to ask them about different sources from which they do the recruiting, the process they follow to screen candidates and the success rate they have for long-term placements. If you are satisfied with their answers, you are one step closer to hiring the best recruiting firm to find employees.

Customer Service

As a client of a staffing agency, you should get high-quality customer service. For example, the communication lines should always be open during the hiring process and you should not feel left out at any stage of recruitment.

If you are facing difficulties in communicating even at initial stages, you need to consider it as a red flag and look for another recruitment agency.

While interviewing best recruiting firms in San Francisco, don’t take anything at face value. You need to pay attention to the above-mentioned factors to determine which recruiting agency is worthwhile and can give you high-quality candidates that can take your organization to next level.

How to do you hire recruiting firms to meet your staffing needs? Please feel free to comment.

The Truth About Job Recruiting Agencies

The recruitment market is competitive and success does not come easy. There are a lot of myths about recruiting agencies NYC and elsewhere and the way they serve their clients. Let’s take a closer look at the recruiting agencies, their functions and the truth behind myths.

Myth 1- Recruiting Agencies Are Only Good at Filling Entry Level Positions

Truth – Recruiting Agencies Hire for All Types of Positions

There is a belief that recruiting agencies are only good at filling entry level positions. The truth is the 21st-century staffing agencies hire for a variety of professional positions across diverse industry verticals. In fact, many organizations turn towards staffing agencies to find the talent for hard-to-fill positions.

Whether you are looking for C-suite executives, financial managers, engineers, marketing professionals, or sales managers, recruiting agencies can help you find potential candidates. In fact, many recruiting agencies maintain vast talent pools that have ready-for-job candidates with different experience levels and they can get mid-level executives and senior-level executives for their clients.

Myth 2 –Recruiting Agencies Are Expensive

Truth – Recruiting Agencies Help Save Money

There is no standard recruiting fee followed in the recruitment industry for the services provided. Some recruiting agencies charge higher fees for their services while some charge less. It all depends on the price agreement between a recruiting agency and client. The absence of price standardization does not mean using recruiting agency is not a viable option.

Many companies who consider recruiting agencies expensive only look at half the picture. These companies completely overlook the hidden expenses related to using in-house recruiters. Some of the expenses not considered when recruiting in-house are advertising fees, any costs related to in-house recruiters, overtime paid to in-house recruiters and other staff during recruitment, costs related to background, reference, and criminal checks.

Recruiting agencies conduct background, reference, and criminal checks before referring candidates to their clients. This reduces some financial burden for their clients. Also, recruiting agencies are known to charge for the number of employees hired and not for the number of interviews conducted or other recruitment activities performed.

Thus, if you consider costs of in-house hiring versus commissions or fee paid to recruiting agencies, it would not be wrong to say recruiting agencies help the organization save money in the hiring process.

Myth 3 – Recruiting Agencies Are Only Interested in Filling Positions and Earning Commissions

Truth – Recruiting Agencies Work Hard to Find the Right Fit

When you rely on in-house recruiters, your reach is only limited to candidates who are actively looking for jobs. In-house recruiters who might be hiring few times in a year might not have a deeper network to get the best talent available.

Recruiting agencies main job is to hire candidates and they do it every day of the year. They have a deep knowledge about the job market and the talent availability as they are always hiring and keeping updates about changing job market. Since there is intense competition in the recruiting industry they go the extra mile to find perfect candidates to keep their clients happy.

Passive candidates are more desirable for organizations as they have updated knowledge of their field as they are already working which might not be true with candidates who have been jobless for months. Leading recruiting agencies build a strong relationship with top talent and keep in touch with them even after they are placed in a company.

To get top talent for their clients, they can reach passive candidates and communicate your company’s job offer to them. Acting as your brand ambassador they can present the best side of your company that can entice passive candidates to consider your job offer.

Several leading recruiting agencies also offer a money back guarantee for the candidates placed by them. If the new recruit leaves the job within the agreed period, the recruiting agency gives back the full amount it received as commission for placing the candidate in their company or provides a replacement. This show how baseless is the misunderstanding that recruiting agencies are only interested in filling positions and earning commissions.

It’s easy to have misunderstandings about recruiting agencies in NYC or elsewhere since you have never worked with them. Now, that you know the truth, go ahead and work with recruiting agencies to find the best talent your company needs.

What Exactly Do Staffing Companies Do?

Many organizations think Chicago staffing agencies only help in recruitment for entry-level positions. However, if you take a closer look at the recruitment industry, you would see these twenty-first-century recruitment partners do more than fill entry-level positions. Here are some facts that tell you exactly what these staffing companies do.

Staffing Companies Recruit for Different Industry Verticals and Diverse Positions

Some staffing companies specialize in recruiting for specific industry verticals like manufacturing, pharmaceutical, hospitality, financial services, marketing, and many more. These staffing agencies have relevant information on fingertips and can give you an insight of available talent and how to reach them.

Their extended reach allows you to reach passive candidates who have more updated skill sets. Recruiting agencies are also known to maintain databases of ready-for-job candidates with different skill sets. This enables them to provide perfect matching candidates to their clients in less time even for hard-to-fill positions.

Staffing Companies Reduce the Risk of Bad Hires

According to US Department of Labor findings, the cost of a bad hire is around 30% of an employee’s first-year earnings. While the monetary losses are countable, one bad hire can affect the performance of the whole team. According to leading hiring experts, when a bad hire does not perform, good employees have to bear the workload.

The shorter hiring process is one of the common reasons for bad hires. In-house recruiters are always running out of time and under pressure from hiring managers to fill positions fast. As a result, in-house recruiters do not give enough time to conduct foolproof skill tests to judge the right candidates.

Working with a recruitment agency reduces the risk of bad hires as professional recruiters interview candidates rigorously before referring to their client. Their in-depth industry knowledge and experience enables them to analyze candidate in detail. They do not stop at the information given in the resume and conduct background and reference checks to verify information provided by candidates.

Recruiting agencies go an extra mile to ensure every candidate is a perfect fit and exceed client expectations. Leading recruitment agencies also offer a trial period for new hires so the client gets enough time to judge the candidate before offering a permanent position. Thus you can see a recruitment agency does everything to reduce the risk of bad hires for their clients.

Staffing Companies Help Reduce Hiring Costs

Several companies avoid using recruitment agencies thinking they are already saving money. But that is far from true and these businesses do not consider the resources and time they put into recruiting. They also underestimate other recruiting expenses like job advertisements, the sheer workload of in-house recruiters which leads to overtime expenses, and costs related to background and criminal checks.

When you work with staffing companies in Chicago or elsewhere, they absorb some of the recruitment costs like the background and reference checks. The recruitment agencies manage all recruitment tasks from the initial stage and the client is neither requires to invest in infrastructure nor recruit temp employees for conducting hiring.

Staffing Companies Help Strengthen Employer Brand

Today’s job market is candidate oriented. The top quality candidates are flooded with job offers and they look at many factors when considering a job offer. One of the factors they look at is employer brand. Job seekers look for more than salary packages and having a strong employer brand can help you win potential candidates.

Having a brand ambassador outside your company can help or the recruitment agency can act like one. Recruiting agencies can help in building strong employer brand. They can work with company’s hiring manager to draft attractive and accurate job descriptions and provide right candidate experience during the hiring process. All this helps in creating a good image of the company.

These are some of the things staffing companies in Chicago do for their clients. Looking at the services recruitment agencies offer, there is no doubt your company might be able to beat your competitors and get the best talent by partnering with staffing companies.

Do you use staffing agencies to fill vacancies in your company? Please share your experience.

How Temp Agencies Can Help Your Career

Temporary jobs are no longer considered as impediment to career growth. Many people are deliberately opting for temporary jobs to test their interests or skills. Even companies hire temporary workers to measure their performance before deciding to offer them full-time employment. It can work in everyone’s favor. But for jobseekers, it can be a boon.

Here is how temp agencies can help your career.

Availability of a Variety of Jobs

Many people are interested in multiple roles but are undecided about their career path. Temporary jobs offer the perfect avenue to gauge your actual interest for different jobs and then take concrete steps in that direction. It can save you many years of uninspired growth only for you to realize that you didn’t want a career in proofreading but wanted to pursue your love for graphic designing.

So, you can take up various temp jobs while pursuing your studies or other interests to understand your interests better.

Option to Switch Up Roles

When you work with a temp to hire agency, you can find opportunities where a temporary job can become a full-time employment option. You can see if you fit well with an organization’s culture or like the projects available. You can assess if you can have career growth or if the work environment is nurturing.

If you are a creative professional, temporary jobs can help you form proper working relationships with several companies. You can decide to work for one of these companies if offered long-term projects. Many creative professionals don’t mind working for corporate companies or as full-time employees. Temp jobs can help them know a company’s culture beforehand and if they can expect their creative career to thrive in that place of employment.

Opportunities to make Professional Connections

Temp jobs are the perfect way to make several professional connections within a short amount of time. You can get the opportunities to work with various companies and people through different temporary job opportunities.

You can gain references for future full-time employment elsewhere. You can also get regular temporary gigs with the same company if your work is appreciated. When you work with a temp-to-hire agency, you can request for work in your chosen few areas where you want to build your professional network or wish for some career traction.

Chance to Build your Skills

Temp jobs are perfect to learn new skills or develop your existing capabilities in certain areas. It can be very helpful for those with gaps in employment and those who need to brush up on their skills.

Temp jobs can also be ideal for creative professionals who are still in college but wish to develop their skills by working on actual projects. You can find short-term projects through a good recruitment agency and even utilize the connections to land a job once you graduate.

Learning new skills can also be helpful if you wanted to try a new career field. You can also gain new experiences by working at different temp jobs.

Choice of Part-Time Work

Many people at different junctures in their careers need to take a break from full-time employment. But they may be unwilling to stop working for a long period of time as it can reflect poorly on their resume. Taking on temporary jobs is a way to continue working at your own pace and not allow employment gaps to hamper your career growth.

In such cases, working with a temp-to-hire agency can be very beneficial. You can get the chance to turn your temporary job into a permanent position at any time you are ready to return to full-time work. You can even decide on the nature of the job and the company you prefer for your last temporary job before you wish to return to full-time work. If all works out, you can get hired with the same company where you last worked as a temp worker.

When you work with temp agencies, you can get the right roles to enhance your career as opposed to haphazard work opportunities that do nothing for your professional growth.

Choose a Recruitment Agency That Offers Great Jobs to Graduates

Graduates often find it tough to find the right jobs. Most often, they can’t find a decent job, much less the right one. The job market is becoming difficult day by day. Companies are increasingly looking for new skills in candidates. Along with a range of skills, they also want qualified candidates with solid academic performance. There are times when the job market is down. Even when the jobs are available, it can be hard to land interviews.

So, what can graduates do to increase their chances of landing good jobs? Well, one useful step is to work with recruiting agencies that specialize in a range of jobs for various industries.

Here are some helpful tips to find great jobs through recruiting agencies.

Sign Up with Local Agencies

It can be really helpful to sign up with agencies in locations where you want to live and work.

Look for recruiting agencies NYC if you wish to land a job in the city but currently live elsewhere. The advantage of working with local agencies is that they will have a solid network in the city in which they operate, and this can work in your favor. Staffing agencies based elsewhere with no presence in NYC (or your preferred city) won’t be able to offer you the same opportunities as local firms.

Look Far and Wide

For some job categories, it pays to look beyond a local area. For instance, for technology-based jobs, working with recruiting agencies San Francisco can be helpful even when you are not particular about the location. Similarly, for creative jobs, working with agencies in Los Angeles or NYC can be helpful.

For graduates, it is important to explore multiple avenues when looking for their first jobs. In terms of job search, don’t restrict yourself to where you live or wish to move. Sign up with agencies with their reach far and wide; so that they can help you get the best job possible.

Be Open to Opportunities

For graduates, it is important to remain open to unexpected job opportunities. Even if a job is not directly related to your academic qualification or interests; taking it up can offer you a lot in terms of experience. For graduates, it is vital to gain job experience as soon as possible.

If you have the skills for a job and if a company is open to offer you an interview for it; grab the opportunity. Experienced recruitment firms have access to a variety of jobs. You might not be aware of them but recruiters can help you show a new direction and gain valuable experience if not a new meaningful career path.

Take Risks

When presented with a job opportunity, take it rather than wait for the right one to arrive. For graduates, their lack of experience and age can be the right time to take career risks. When you are just starting out with no job experience; it can be helpful to try new employment avenues and work areas.

If a new industry or line of work begins to interest you and if you have the capabilities for it; go ahead and ask recruiters to get you a few spots of interviews. It can be a step in the right direction to assess your own interest level and skill sets. Similarly, if offered a job that is unusual for you; go ahead and give it a shot. When you are a recent graduate, it is the perfect time to try new things and take career risks.

Think Ahead

It is important to think ahead about your career goals. If the right jobs are not available, work with recruitment firms to land you a variety of seasonal jobs so that you can gain valuable experience and learn new skills. Instead of wasting time and simply waiting for the right job; you can work on temporary jobs while you wait for your perfect job.

You can also utilize this time to develop relationships with staffing agencies. If you are a part of their network, you can find meaningful jobs as they become available.

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